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Embracing the Christmas Spirit: A Universal Message of Joy

As we approach the end of the year, we’re enveloped by the festive spirit of Christmas, a season that symbolizes love, peace, and unity.

The Essence of Christmas

Christmas, traditionally a Christian holiday, has evolved into a universal celebration of love and joy. It’s not just about the decorations and gifts but about spreading joy and coming together as a community.

A Celebration for All

When we say “Merry Christmas,” we’re expressing the spirit of the season - a spirit of love, joy, peace, and goodwill to all. This sentiment resonates with everyone, regardless of their beliefs or traditions.

Respecting Diversity

In wishing you a Merry Christmas, we’re inviting you to join in the celebration of love and joy that this season brings. We’re extending a hand of friendship, of unity, and of mutual respect.

Our Wish for You

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we wish you a season filled with love, joy, and peace. We wish you a time of giving and receiving, of sharing and caring.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we wish you a Merry Christmas. May the spirit of this season fill your hearts and homes with an abundance of love, joy, and peace.

About the Picture

I shot the picture above with a telephoto lens on our ranch on Christmas Eve several years ago. In order, you're watching Pilgrim, Candy, Sam, and Holly "horsing around" the back of our property, celebrating the Christmas season in a blizzard! Not only does it capture the beauty of horses in motion, but the spirit of living one's life running at full throttle and LOL! May your 2024 bring many additional opportunities to LOL.

About the Author

John Seville is an entrepreneurial technology and business leader. He has successfully launched four businesses during his career: Computer Consultants of Colorado, Chief Technology Consultants, (the) Center for Transformative Coaching, and his most recent venture, Ascent Leadership Group, which he started in 2018 and serves as the Managing Principal. In addition to his entrepreneurial ventures, John has served in multiple corporate CIO and COO roles. The Denver Business Journal (DBJ) and the Society for Information Management (SIM) nominated John for the Colorado CIO of the Year award. Connect with John by emailing him at 


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