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What is Team Advancement?

Team Advancement | Enabling four to create the value of five or six!

The Process

Step 1: Consultation with An Ascent Guide - Evaluate Your Team's Needs

Embark on the team development journey with a personalized consultation. In this step, your Ascent Guide will delve into understanding your team's unique needs and crafting a roadmap for success.


Step 2: Free Onsite Training - Explore the Possibilities

Experience a hands-on approach with a complimentary onsite training session led by a specially selected Ascent Guide. At the end, decide whether you want guided implementation or prefer to DIY. The choice is yours, tailored to your team's preferences.


Step 3: Opt for Guided Implementation - Dive into a 4-Hour Workshop

Choose the collaborative approach with a comprehensive 4-hour workshop. Identify three key areas for team development, establish metrics, and devise a focused strategy. Schedule recurring sessions to foster continuous growth.


Step 4: Re-measure in Six Months - Track Your Progress

Quantify your team's progress by re-measuring in six months. This step ensures that the strategies implemented are making a tangible impact on your team's development.

Why Work with Us

Explore the advantages of partnering with Ascent Leadership Group for your team's development. Our leadership team brings a robust set of experiences and perspectives to facilitate your team growth and monthly meetings offer a quantitative ability to measure and assess, introducing a layer of accountability. 


Every team is unique, and we recognize that. Choose the option that aligns best with your team's dynamics. Whether it's "We work with your team" or "We work with you, and you work with your team," our tailored solutions cater to your specific needs.

Team Assessment

Patterns and elements-02.png

If you bear the responsibility of achieving results through your team members, a Team Assessment workshop can be transformative. The journey begins with accessible and cost-effective assessments. Our approach involves bringing an ALG certified trainer onsite to guide your team through the analysis and presentation process, ensuring a comprehensive understanding.

You can choose to stop after the initial workshop and let your team take it from there or set up ongoing support. Either way, a Team Assessment workshop will empower you to take the insights gained and propel your team towards success. This workshop is not just about optimizing metrics and identifying weak points; it's about instilling a sense of commitment to your team's growth and fostering an environment of high-performance and productivity.

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