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InnerKinetics: A Better Assessment

Why InnerKinetics

InnerKinetics is one of the most extensively studied personality assessments on the market. 

Based on more than 60 Million data points with 2500 years of research behind it and a multi-factor authentication process, it is truly one of the most accurate and insightful assessments on the market. 


“Know Thyself” isn’t just a catchy phrase from Socrates, it’s the foundation to improving sales skills, team communication, interactions with bosses and colleagues, and even supporting revolutionary career growth.  When we understand ourselves better, we are better able to shape our path in the world.

InnerKinetics helps us do this. 


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Introducing InnerKinetics: Welcome

What’s Included?

InnerKinetics assessments have a variety of applications.

Inside your assessment you’ll receive your scores among the sixteen types and four temperaments that will help you understand everything from communication styles to introversion versus extroversion preferences and beyond. 

Whether you’re looking for your team to better understand each other to improve teamwork, or just understand yourself better for your own career, InnerKinetics can help.

Why Use InnerKinetics?

InnerKinetics is a powerful tool whether you’re looking to improve team communication, interaction and trust, or looking to understand yourself better so you can better guide your career or interactions as a leader or at work.

Why work with us

Navigating the path to leadership success requires the right partnership. At Ascent Leadership Group, we emphasize the significance of selecting the ideal collaborator. Our approach goes beyond mere consultation; it's about forging a meaningful alliance.

We recognize the importance of choosing a partner who aligns with your vision and values. Working with us means tapping into a wealth of experience, a commitment to your unique journey, and a dedication to achieving exceptional results together.

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