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What Is Coaching?

Coaching | reaching into the soul of a human being and drawing out their greatness and gifting!

All coaching engagements include an InnerKinetics Assessment to facilitate faster results & better understanding between coach and client.

What We Help With

There’s a reason we have clients who have trusted us to work with them and their teams for years!

Experience it for yourself today.

Our Process

Step 1: The Identify Session 

Great coaching starts with clarity.

In this one-hour session, you and your coach will identify your biggest concern, and your biggest challenge. In our experience, these two are not always the same thing, and both are critical to know and address for success! The Identify Session is our gift to you - schedule below!


Step 2: The Kick Off 

A half-day leadership intensive for you and your coach to begin your climb together.
We’ll review your career, whiteboard where you’ve been successful and where challenges have arisen.
We’ll create clear objectives for where you want to go.
We’ll review your InnerKinetics assessment and discuss your personal strengths and areas for improvement and create a personal growth plan to pursue.


Step 3: The Ongoing Support

To us, coaching is more than a once a week meeting.
It’s an ongoing relationship.

Our clients text and call as needed for support. 

We check-in periodically, especially during challenging transition times.

We also create positive accountability & connection through scheduled weekly calls along with ongoing text & email support.

Executive Coaching

Tailored for C-level executives, Ascent Leadership Group's Executive Coaching empowers leaders who excel in execution but seek to strengthen their people skills. If you've received feedback like "We don't have a team here" or struggle with conflict resolution, our executive coaching is designed for you.


"The leadership coaching I received from Ascent Leadership Group (ALG) has been instrumental in my growth as an executive leader.  Their personalized strategies and coaching support have helped me to unlock my full potential and strengthen my leadership capabilities with my team.  I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills."


– Chris Vinall, CIO, Premier Members Credit Union, 2023 Colorado CIO of the Year

Leadership Development

For Senior VPs, VPs, and Directors ready to elevate their leadership, Ascent Leadership Group's Leadership Development provides targeted coaching. Whether you're looking to create better teams, enhance your leadership skills, or position yourself for growth and promotion, we're here to guide you.


"The leadership development program offered by Ascent Leadership Group (ALG) was nothing short of transformative. Their expertise in nurturing leadership qualities has not only enhanced my effectiveness as a leader but also inspired a new vision for my career trajectory."


– Eric Speer, CFO/CHRO, Neuragenex

Career Coaching

Unlock strategic career moves with Ascent Leadership Group's Career Coaching. Whether you’re in your 50s and realizing your resume resembles swiss cheese with too many holes to qualify for your dream job, or looking for direction early in your career, we’ll help you find the clear path. If you’re ready to play career chess instead of career checkers, let’s talk.


Working with the Ascent Leadership Group has helped me better understand my value to companies and the type of work that brings me fulfillment. This has helped to focus my search and be more effective in my conversations with potential employers.”   - Jon

All coaching engagements include an InnerKinetics Assessment

to facilitate faster results & better understanding between coach and client.

Ready to get started?

Book a 60-minute Consultation with an Ascent Guide to Uncover Your Biggest Challenge and Biggest Concern - our gift to you!

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