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Our Core Values

Our Core

Who We Are

Choosing a leadership guide is a pivotal decision, one that should seamlessly align with both your personal principles and your organization's ethos. At Ascent Leadership Group, we recognize the profound importance of this alignment, emphasizing that your mission and core values should resonate with ours.

Mission Matters: We are here to support the ongoing growth of people. While we understand that numbers improve as a results, our focus first and foremost is creating a leaders who understand the impact they make every day and want to make a positive difference. If that aligns with you, we’d love to work with you!

Core Values Matter: We believe that when we align on what we hold as the core of who we are, we can accelerate the climb. While our core values and your companies values might not line-up word for word, we believe that if you read our core values and resonate with what they mean, you'll love working with us. 

Process Matters: We acknowledge that one size does not fit all. Our approach is not about enforcing a rigid process but tailoring it to work for you. We understand that your unique challenges and goals require a flexible and adaptive process that caters specifically to your needs.

We believe you should choose a guide whose mission, core values, and processes are seamlessly aligned with yours to ensure a purposeful and effective journey toward leadership ascent. If that’s us, we’d love to work with you!

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Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively guide the powerful integration of leader development, team advancement, and organizational effectiveness.

What does that mean?

It means we’re here to ensure that all aspects of your organization are coordinated to climb together!

Our Core Values

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Adventure - We believe everything we do should be filled with at least a little bit of something new and exciting! It keeps us, and our clients, engaged!

Empowerment - We believe that we’re here to empower each other to and others to live the best life we possibly can!

Customer Centricity - We put our customers at the heart of every decision. Even at the heart of our core values! 

Innovation - We believe in continuously evolving and adjusting how we’re working with our clients to ensure we’re maintaining peak efficacy!

Community - We never climb a mountain alone. We believe in the power of community and that together, we go far. 

Our Process

Successfully ascending any mountain, including the mountain of leadership, follows a very similar process:


Step 1: Prepare

Preparing is some of the most important work!

Choosing your guide or climbing team, your trail, clothes that will fit the expected climates, food, and gear is critical to success.

This is where you are today. Researching and then choosing the support system that will help you climb the mountain of leadership!


Step 2: Begin

When climbing a mountain, this is getting yourself to the trailhead to get started!
When climbing the mountain of leadership, this is scheduling the initial call.
Sometimes, this can be the hardest part because this is as much a mental game as anything! It can be easy to get stuck in preparing but until you begin, you won’t get far.


Step 3: Climb

When the first two steps are undertaken thoughtfully and intentionally, this part is easy and fun. When climbing the mountain, you’re fully engaged physically and mentally. You’re braced up by the mountain air, surrounded by a wonderful group of climbers, comfortable, and enjoying the wildlife and scenery.

Your career can be the same!

Whether you’re looking for personal growth or team development, taking time to ensure you choose the right support system is key! 

Explore more on our site and when you’re ready, begin with a conversation

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