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Ascent Leadership Group


Empowering Organizations to Reach Their Summit.

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Who We Are

Ascent Leadership Group stands apart from the typical executive coaching and consulting firm. Our commitment to creating genuine, measurable results in soft-skill development begins with the meticulous selection of our team. 


We don't just assemble individuals; we’ve curated a group with two decades of executive-level leadership experience in the C-Suite, spanning roles from CIO to CEO.

Our approach to team selection goes beyond the conventional. We carefully scrutinize candidates, seeking not just experience but also diverse skill sets and perspectives. We understand that real-world application is paramount. Our emphasis on hands-on, practical experience distinguishes us from the generic 'marketing speak' often found in the industry.

We believe in authenticity and effectiveness, and our team reflects those values. Choosing Ascent Leadership Group means choosing a team crafted with precision and dedicated to guiding you through the unique challenges of executive leadership.

Managing Principal | CEO

John Seville

John is a renowned technology and business leader, having launched four successful ventures, including Ascent Leadership Group, in 2018. Unique in the executive consulting and coaching world, John has actually held various corporate C-level roles, from CIO and COO to CEO, for over twenty years. He has always focused on building high-performing and high-production teams powered by mutual trust and respect.

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InnerKinetics® Educator & Consultant

Janet Kellogg

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With 20 years in corporate marketing, Janet is an expert in biotech branding. As a licensed InnerKinetics® educator, she empowers leaders to enhance communication and inner strengths. Her focus extends from small businesses to large corporations, emphasizing leadership development free from limiting beliefs. Her approach uniquely combines business acumen with InnerKinetics® principles. 

(970) 219-1472 (m)

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Dr. Rob Murray

Rob, CEO, and co-founder of Transformed Leader, is a key figure in overcoming organizational challenges, leading with innovative, transformative learning processes. With a Masters in Social & Civic Entrepreneurship and a Doctorate of Transformational Leadership, his prowess in leadership is reinforced by co-authoring influential texts, including his most recent book, “Fighting For Heart.” A leader hailing from South Africa, his work resonates globally.

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Jack Nicholson

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With 20 years of experience, Jack has expertly guided organizations in executive leadership. Specializing in building emotionally intelligent teams and culturally sound workplaces, he’s consulted for various businesses and nonprofits. His educational achievements include three Masters degrees in Human and Organizational Systems, Counseling, and Theology, and he’s pursuing a Doctorate of Philosophy, reflecting his profound commitment to transformation within individuals and organizations. 

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Our Mission

Our mission is to effectively guide the powerful integration of leader development, team advancement, and organizational effectiveness.

What does that mean?

It means we’re here to ensure that all aspects of your organization are coordinated to climb together!

Our Core Values

Adventure - We believe everything we do should be filled with at least a little bit of something new and exciting! It keeps us, and our clients, engaged!

Empowerment - We believe that we’re here to empower each other and others to live the best life we possibly can!

Customer Centricity - We put our customers at the heart of every decision. Even at the heart of our core values! 

Innovation - We believe in continuously evolving and adjusting how we’re working with our clients to ensure we’re maintaining peak efficacy!

Community - We never climb a mountain alone. We believe in the power of community and that together, we go far. 

Ready to work with us? It all starts with a conversation…

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