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Individual Assessments

What’s Included?

InnerKinetics assessments include scores among the sixteen types and four temperaments to help you understand everything from communication styles to introversion versus extroversion preferences and beyond. 

If you’re looking to better understand yourself for any reason, InnerKinetics can help. 

Why Use InnerKinetics?

Ascent Leadership Group chooses to use the InnerKinetics assessments as part of the foundation of every coaching engagement because it gets results faster for our clients.


By understanding each other better, we can tailor communication styles to match what you need so you can better internalize and implement what we’re discussing. We can better understand what you’re saying, and what you mean. InnerKinetics helps us know your strengths so we can lean in, and shore up the weaknesses that might be causing problems for you. 


Mostly, it helps you better understand your interaction styles so you can communicate more efficiently and clearly with those around you in both personal and professional settings. 

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Why Work With Us

Uncover the key factors that make choosing the right partner for your team's development essential. Ascent Leadership Group is committed to empowering your team's growth, ensuring a transformative journey towards success. Join us for a collaborative experience that goes beyond conventional coaching. 

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