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Team Workshops

How It Works

Step 1: Connect with an ascent guide

You’ll chat about where your team is at, what they need, and confirm that an InnerKinetics workshop is the right path forward


Step 2: Get Reports

You and your team will take the assessments prior to the workshop


Step 3: Live Workshop

During the live workshop, one of our certified InnerKinetics workshop leaders will guide you and your team through a wholly immersive experience to better understand themselves and each other


Step 4: You Decide 

At this point, your team will be well equipped to understand each other better. You can decide whether you want to bring in an Ascent Leadership Group trainer regularly to continue the learning or facilitate ongoing conversations among yourselves!

What’s Included for Teams?

An InnerKinetics workshop and team reporting includes not just the individual assessments but also includes a visual sheet that provides an overview of the entire team or organization so you can see, at a glance, how all team members interface!

All team members will receive their individual scores among the sixteen types and four temperaments so they can better understand their own temperaments and have a framework to better understand each other as well.

Why Work with Us

In your quest for team development, the choice of your partner is paramount. Ascent Leadership group stands as a beacon of excellence, where each step is guided by expertise and dedication. Choose us to embark on a journey of growth and success with your team.

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