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You Will Always Have Conflict. Two Keys Before Mediation

Key #1 - Communication: Communication is the most important key to resolving conflicts in a business environment. When there is a disagreement, it is crucial to communicate clearly and respectfully with the parties involved to understand the root cause of the conflict. Encourage all parties involved to express their thoughts and concerns and listen actively to what they have to say. And no, email and texts are no substitutes for direct and honest dialog.

Key #2 - Collaboration: Collaboration is critical to finding solutions that satisfy all parties involved in a conflict. Encourage open-mindedness and the willingness to compromise to find a resolution that meets everyone's needs. Work towards a win-win solution that addresses the underlying issues and satisfies all parties involved. The preceding does not apply when working with narcissists who must always win at the expense of others.

Key #3 - Mediation: Sometimes, the best way to resolve a conflict is to bring in a neutral third party to mediate the conversation and facilitate a constructive discussion. A mediator can help parties identify the conflict's root cause, clarify misunderstandings, and work together to find a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation can be especially effective when communication breaks down, emotions run high, or working with narcissists. See preceding key #2.


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