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We Are…

We are not your average executive coaching and consulting firm. Ascent Leadership Group is about creating real, measurable results in leader, team and organizational development. We bring twenty years of executive level leadership in the C-Suite across a variety of companies and positions from CIO to CEO. 

We have been in your seat and are not just teaching principles and theories. We focus on experiential learning to facilitate practical application over rote note-taking and memorization. 

You wouldn’t hire a guide to ascend Mt. Everest who had only read the books. We believe you shouldn’t do that here either. 


How We Help

Mountain climbing


Stuck? Being Overlooked? Dealing with Conflict?

Team Advancement

Dealing with attrition? Constant conflict? Lack of trust?

Organizational Effectiveness

P&L and key metrics not where they need to be?

Who We Help

We work with Executives and Senior Leadership who are managing high-performing, high-production teams. If you are:

  • Expected to do more with less constantly

  • Have a scoreboard that your team is measured against

  • Are working projects that must stay on-budget, on-time, and on-quality


We can help!

Our Process

There’s a reason we’re called Ascent Leadership Group.We believe that ascending the mountain of leadership is very much like ascending our beloved Rocky Mountains 

Step 1: Prepare
Preparing to climb a mountain is where the most important work is done. Choosing your guide or climbing team, your trail, clothes that will fit the expected climates, food, and gear is critical to success.
This is where you are today. Researching and then choosing the support system that will help you climb the mountain of leadership!

Step 2: Begin
When climbing a mountain, this is getting yourself to the trailhead to get started! Sometimes, this can be the hardest part because this is as much a mental game as anything! It is easy to get stuck in preparing but until you begin, you won’t get far.
With us, this is scheduling the initial conversation with an Ascent Leadership Guide to uncover what you need to ascend your mountain of success!

Step 3: Climb
When the first two steps are undertaken thoughtfully and intentionally, this part is easy and fun. When climbing the mountain, you’re fully engaged physically and mentally. You’re braced up by the mountain air, surrounded by a wonderful group of climbers, comfortable, and enjoying the wildlife and scenery.
Your career can be the same!

Whether you’re looking for personal growth or team development, taking time to ensure you choose the right support system is key! Explore more on our site and when you’re ready, begin with a conversation!

Recommended Reading


All books listed are authored by partners with the Ascent Leadership Group, are used extensively inside of our work, and highly recommended by our leadership team!

Leaders Ascend Together

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