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Internetworking of People™ by John F. Seville, CEO


"We simply don't have the time!  I hope my people understand how much I value them but . . . we're pretty much a "get stuff done shop."  Looking up at a plane flying overhead I asked Tom, "If one wing were the "Internet of Things" (and technologies) and the other wing was the "Internetworking of People™" which wing would you like to do without?  Which wing creates more value or "uplift"?  Choosing to put all of one's focus on one wing over the other is both short-sighted . . . and dangerous."

Oftentimes, technology professionals and executives are viewed as "living out of their heads" with little to no thought of relational and interpersonal skills.  Fortunately, that stereotype is changing as technology professionals are discovering that the majority of failed projects, initiatives and implementations die because of poor communication and a lack of relational and team-building skills; not bad technology choices.

To "fly" a team, organization or company you need both wings of the plane.  It is not enough to "stay in your head" (and comfort zone) while ignoring.  the "other" wing.  If technology has always been your strength let us help with the "other" wing.  Even if intuitively you've been a good boss, let us help you add some science to the art of people management and create consistent and sustainable results.

Our InnerKinetics™ framework for human performance coupled with a "coach approach" to leadership and professional development will complement your strength in technology and allow your organization to "soar" to new levels of performance.  Lets start a conversation by scheduling a Free "Strategy Session" today.  Simply click on the button below.

Two Wings of the Plane: Services
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