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Leveraging Human Capital to
Create Measurable Business Value & Defined ROIs


John F. Seville, CEO

"For over 28 years, I have had the opportunity to sell, approve or deliver over $250M in IT products and services. I have literally sat in every "seat at the table".  What I have consistently observed is that it is not technology alone but integrated leaders, that build synergistic; high-performing teams, they are the ones that create business value from complex technology operations and projects."

Know and develop yourself and your team through our Coaching Programs and Coaches Training and watch your success soar."

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One Step Away From Success

Whether you are a CEO who needs help identifying the skills and experience that you need in your next top IT leader or a CIO who is ready to take their organization and career to the next level of accomplishment; leverage our confidential coaching services to advance and accelerate your career and the success of your company.

You have a challenge.  We have the expertise and experience to help you overcome it.  Transcend from "hoping" it will work out to "knowing" it will.  Schedule a free "Strategy Session" today with a former IT executive who gets it and let's get going with a plan of action!

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Strategic | Tactical | Accountable | Real-Time

STAR Teams, consisting of a facilitator-coach and 3 to 6 professionals meet bi-weekly using the convenience of Live Video Conferencing™.  The objectives are clear; to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on a mix of strategic and operational issues. 

Using our structured Problem Processing™; members submit their biggest challenges and learn to "work the problem" using a facilitated peer-coaching model.  Our model forces members to go beyond their assumptions and get to the underlying issues.The sessions are intense but intensely insightful and practical.​  Technology STAR Teams are segmented into four tiers;

  • IT Executive Management (CIO, CTO, CISO)

  • IT Senior Management (Director, VP)

  • IT Managers (especially 1st-time managers)

  • Project Managers-SCRUM Masters

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