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Navigating the Entrepreneurial Journey with Transformative Coaching


Lance C. Goudzwaard, President

“In my 25 year career as a healthcare executive, reaching the pinnacle of success was always a function of a well-oiled team.  Achieving a high performing-team is not just about hiring the right people, it is about cultivating a team environment where the strengths of the individual are brought to the forefront, and deficiencies are absorbed by the team via effective leadership.  Our Coaching Programs and Coaches Training were created with that specific goal in mind, and are delivered in an innovative approach that will result in high retention and significant impact.”

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Strategic | Tactical | Accountable | Real-Time

Twice a month, STAR Teams consisting of 4-7 professionals meet using the convenience and efficiency of Live Video Conferencing™.  The objectives are clear; to solve problems, evaluate opportunities and work on a mix of strategic and operational issues.  And the goal never changes; to develop and mature each member’s healthcare organization or department into a high-performing company asset and further individual career goals.  The sessions are fast-paced and intense as well as intensely rewarding!  Healthcare STAR Teams are segmented into three tiers;

  • New Healthcare Managers (especially 1st-timers)

  • Healthcare Senior Leaders (Director, VP) and

  • Healthcare Executives (CEO, CFO, COO)

Schedule a call today for additional information.

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One Step Away From Success

Whether you are a seasoned CEO or Physician President who needs help identifying the skills and temperament needed in the next member of your leadership team, an actionable plan supported by positive accountability are only one phone call away.  Leverage our confidential coaching services to put your career and the success of your organization back on the right track.  Schedule a phone consultation today.

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