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Precision Executive Leadership™

In many organizations, the CEO is viewed as "The Hammer"; and of course, to a hammer, everything looks like a nail to be driven.  However, for engaged executives who desire to lead their organization with authentic power and precision, there is a better way than simply "driving" their employees (and themselves) to perform.  The adoption and implementation of this "better way" is critical to the health and overall success of the company.

Engaged executives also understand the importance of the "ripple effect" and that as the primary influence in the organization and the epicenter of all significant and sustainable change, they must first be committed to their own personal and professional development enabled through results-driven executive coaching.  Every high-performing professional has a coach whether they are a quarterback, actor, or singer.  So should you.


Executives report the following personal benefits . . . 

  • Continuous one-on-one attention to what is “important”; not urgent

  • Expanded thinking through dialogue with an outside observer

  • Self-awareness discovered through InnerKinetics®, values clarification, strengths finder, 360-review, etc.

  • Identification and risk mitigation of “blind spots

  • Personal accountability for development

  • Just-in-time learning by deconstructing current events and issues

We recognize that exploring an executive coaching relationship and engaging a coach is a big step.  In order to make this process easier, we offer a free 1-hour "Strategy Session".  During your session, you can ask questions about the coaching process as well as explore your personal goals and objectives.  To schedule your free session, click on the button below and follow the prompts.

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