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Reach Your Earning Potential


Consulting as a career is enriching and expansive but lucrative is optional.  Whether your are an independent contractor or an employee; the skills that you develop through Consultant Coaching will rapidly advance and accelerate your career helping you realize your full earning potential.

Develop the following skills through a personalized coaching experience with CTCi Group leveraging our 1) coaching platform, 2) MindLab™ Modules and 3) a relationship of positive accountability?

  • Understanding and developing your unique combination of strengths

  • Recognizing when your strengths are in a state of non-use, overuse or misuse and they become liabilities and career saboteurs 

  • Designing your exceptional selling proposition for effective prospecting

  • Learning how to partner with your company more effectively during presales meetings including role playing for perfect practice

  • Establishing credibility through company blogs, whitepapers and speaking engagements

  • Defining the benefits that you created for previous clients and companies and how to position those in an interview

  • Learning to "read" clients and understand their communication needs

  • Building a "blue-chip" reference list to include for prospects

  • How to "seed" prospect meetings with current clients who sing your praises

  • Discovering the importance of reaching out to clients and prospects quarterly with something of independent value

  • Determining which networking events to attend and how to get a high ROI through conversational questions

  • Learning how to build a referrals request template that you can use repeatedly

  • How to find the prospect's pain; amplify it and propose a powerful solution for "pain relief"

  • How to quickly build rapport and trust

  • Learning to read a prospect's InnerKinetics® Profile and how to effectively present to them

  • Discovering keys to covertly farming an existing account

  • And many other tools, techniques, templates and tips all delivered through a personalized coaching experience.

The majority of consultants, spinning on the gerbil wheel, never stop to think about their career or how they can proactively manage their career for higher compensation.  Stop spinning and let's develop a strategy for getting you to the next level.  Schedule a Free "Strategy Session" by clicking on the button below.

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