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The Expertise To Get The Job . . . Done


Weeks or months ago you never thought you would find yourself in this position.  It all happened so quickly.  One moment you’re at the top of your career and 15 minutes later you've handed in your laptop, company cell phone, keys to your office, security badge, and AMEX card and you're being walked out the door.  In just 15 minutes you went from being a trusted employee to a potential security threat to the company and it all happened so quickly.


It does happen quickly, and it happens all the time, rarely because of job performance.  The question is "What do you want to do now?"  The options are simple.  You can go it alone giving it your best effort or you can engage Ascent Leadership Group to coach you through the process greatly accelerating your job search, compressing the time to your next position (or contract), and maximizing your salary negotiation for the best compensation package possible.


To be successful in a job search and to close the time gap to your next income stream; there are five critical components that are required:


  • Strategy

  • System

  • Skills Renewal & Development

  • Self-Awareness (e.g., strengths, InnerKinetics®, core values, etc.) and a

  • Supportive Coaching Relationship Built on Trust


The Career Coaching Program includes work in the following 8 key areas with over 37 individual exercises.


  • Introduction to Precision Job Hunting

  • Finding Your "Swim-Lane"

  • Emotional Buying

  • Direct Marketing, Resumes, and Cover Letters

  • Interviewing Competencies

  • Going Around HR

  • Tools That Open Doors (i.e. 1-pg marketing sheet, direct marketing cover letter, etc.) 

  • Never Again!


If what you've been doing for the last several weeks or months is working then keep doing it.  But if you need to advance and accelerate your job search then we can help.  


You have questions; we have answers.  You have a problem to solve; we have the expertise, platform, tools, and a network of over 10,424 subscriber-partners and 12,807 connections on LinkedIn to help. You don't need "hope"; you need a strategy.  For additional information including pricing, please Click Here or schedule a free "1-Hour Strategy Session" by clicking on the button below.  Isn't it time you got serious about your career and job search?

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