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Employees Don't Leave Their Company . . .

Employees don't leave their company; they leave their manager! We hear it every day from coaching clients . . .

“If I really believed that my manager and the company gave a damn about my professional development and career, I’d be content to stay and give my best effort; but they don’t. Half of my 1x1 meetings with my manager are cancelled every month! I just can’t seem to get his/her time and attention and I need help!”

If people are our greatest asset; then why do we spend so little time investing in their personal and professional development? Is it really that we don't care or simply that we don't know how?

In this video clip [3:07], taken from an interview with John Seville (CEO of Ascent Leadership Group), John introduces why their 12-week virtual cohort succeeds in developing managers, leaders and executives when so many “corporate training programs” fail. Discover more including the start date of the next available cohort by Clicking Here.